Achievements of SWFH:

  • Vaginal vestibulotomy in a she elephant was performed at Kanha Tiger Reserve to assist in delivering the foetus during the difficult calf birth. Vaginal vestibulotomy done by SWFH is the first case in India and 21st in Asia. Similar case was again successfully performed at Panna Tiger Reserve.
  • Patent have been filed for species-specific primers of Indian Wild Pig (Sus scrofa cristatus) to differentiate it from the other pig races of the world.
  • Forensic investigation reports of a total 1396 biological samples (meat, bones, hairs, blood stained materials etc.) using micro-morphological, osteological and molecular techniques have been submitted to law enforcement agencies for producing as the evidence in the Hon’ble Court.
  • Sequenced and submitted whole genome of Domestic Pig, Indian wild pig, Hard ground barasingha (State Animal of Madhya Pradesh) and Sloth bear in the database of National Center for Biotechnology Information.
  • Assisted in translocation and reintroduction of 30 Hard-ground Barasingha (State Animal of Madhya Pradesh) from Kanha tiger reserve to Van Vihar National Park as well as Satpura Tiger Reserve.
  • Establishment of haematobiochemical profile of Royal Bengal tiger, leopard and Indian bison (Gaur).
  • Disease diagnosis reports of 350 samples for tuberculosis in wild herbivores and non-human primates, Canine distemper, leptospirosis, infectious canine hepatitis and canine parvo viral infection in wild carnivores and EEHV in Asiatic elephants by Bio-technological tools have been submitted to forest department in last three years for appropriate management of diseases in protected areas or zoological parks to prevent further outbreaks.